• Malique Papailler


  • Industry: Sales & Trading

    HOME: Long Island, NY

    YEAR: 2021

    MAJOR: Applied Economics and Management




    "My freshman summer, I attended the JP Morgan Chase Freshman Experience, which facilitated my knowledge of finance and allowed me to strengthen my professional development. Additionally, I was able to lead and collaborate with other attendees on group presentations, which allowed me to utilize my communication and decision-making techniques. Following that position, I interned for Lighthouse Financial Network where I gained exposure to financial service planning and solidified my affinity for the financial market. This opportunity also helped me develop effective communication skills in finance, as I served as a liaison between my advisor and her clients: disclosing pertinent information regarding financial planning and obligations. This past summer, I worked for TD Securities as an Investment Banking Analyst. This summer, I will be joining Morgan Stanley in their Equities Sales and Trading Division."



    "Apart from AKPsi, I am involved with the Professional Fraternity Council (VP of Diversity and Inclusion), Cornell Investment Banking Club, Dyson Students of Color Coalition, Dyson Undergraduate Council (former VP of Recruitment and Training), and am a registered tutor for Cornell Athletics."



    "I love MMA; in the past I have competed in wrestling and taekwondo, however I most recently have been practicing boxing and jiu jitsu. On my free time, I chill with my boys, eat food, and watch movies."